Great Expectation

He was Pip, a quite strange name for English boy. His truly name was Phillip Pirrip. It comes to Pip just because he couldn’t say his name while he was young. Pip is the main character, a boy around 13 years old and goes through his life suffering lots of sadness. He is in love with a girl named Estella and wants her to find his love, but for him being shy and not showing himself to her, it makes it very hard for him. Great Expectations is a very old story, so interesting. At first glance, from the cover you think “what’s the point of reading this?”. Great expectation seems to be a usual story about dream and hope. Something begin with hard life story ended up by a happy ending after all. But why I still pick it up from the bookshelf in the library? it just because of the author: Charles Dickens. I thought, It won’t be that simple for his writing. No kitsch 🙂

In the story, Pip meets an escaped prisoner, Magwitch, and gives him food, in an encounter that is to haunt both their lives. When Pip receives riches from a mysterious benefactor he snobbishly abandons his friends for London society and his ‘great expectations’.

What special to me, beside the meaningful story, and the excellence way of creating story, was the right moment. While I reading this book on the rainy November, a kind of great expectation for traveling London popped up. Whoa… Yes, it was not the city I’ve been dreaming about, but uhm… first experience in Europe will be coming soon.

In a whole month, beside my routines and other duties, I’ve been struggling to prepare my visit to the old monarch’s capital. Even I’ve arranged my political goals while I was there, ha3 seemed there would be enough time for sightseeing and make some visits after the conference. (Oh, I’m sorry Pip, the main character is now my self ;p). Unfortunately, in the end, I couldn’t afford the 5000 euros  I need, then my exams schedule also interfere the conference too… But it doesn’t matter anyway. I don’t regret it, for I found a few lessons, worth it.


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