i’ll send you to the place where there no happy ever after

what an  impressive expression i heard at Disneys’s picture “Enchanted’
such a parody of human life who forget to dream and lack of passion to make happiness in reality.
but that expression can’t be wrong, since this world is full of complicated things people can’t always settle up.
only they who gratefull enough could deal with those things, those who dare to dream has become something unusual. dreaming has been associated to escaping from reality. i couldn’t generalize it of course.

in fact, some people did it, besides some other work hard for their dream coming true. and it wasn’t magic when they made it finally.
one day when they’ve just woken up in the morning, their dream would have been true.

but here in this world, everything, both happiness or misery never gonna be ever after. it will comes to an end, or a new beginning in other word
the other world has await us, another life. there in the afterlife we’ll take something ‘ever after’-ly happiness or regret,

must be something we harvested from the seeds we sowed in the old days
will we reap the joy? will we? we decide!


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