Last Conversation

A: Hello…

A: So it’s the time, fine, just go.

I: Hi, I don’t know when I will come back, even, whether I am going to come back or no.

A: Don’t worry about that.

I: Will you wait?

A: Wait? No, I am quite busy. But I am going nowhere. I will stay here.

I: What if then I changed so much ’till I cannot find a way back home?

A:  In that case, what you were assuming as home is no longer a home to you. The old world vanished, and you’ll get a new one.

I: What about you then, what will you do?

A: It has nothing to do with me. Why are you asking?

I: Won’t you—perhaps—lose something?

A: Well, I will never lose what I never get.  What we had back in those past years is so great that I will not erase it from my mind. But, I am not that greedy person who is obsessed to posses anything pleased him. We might have only one or two happiness and have been in it for some times and that is fair enough. Who can guarantee that we would have it last if we hold onto it tightly?

I: In other words, you are giving me up?

A: You’re destined to a higher ground, not to linger with me. Just lift up your wings and fly.

I: Well, you know that…you are… You are a great friend to me. Thanks anyway.

A: Actually, we’re just strangers, we’ve met and collide, ha ha, but I appreciate that you even call me a friend. That’s nice. Bye now, I got a call.

Then the window chat is closed. It was morning. It was four years ago. There was no tear.


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