Colours for Everything

When it turns to colour, which one you favour for friendship?

It is soft orange. Symbolizing warmth, cheerful but not of that strong passion. It is the colour of a delicate morning right after sunrise and a nice afternoon before the sunset. Those two are the times when companionship is in need the most. The early days of life to share joys of childhood and the days when we are quite tired exploring the world thus preferring spending time peacefully, telling stories, sharing wisdoms we found, and waiting for the farewell to the world.

Thus, for wealth, what colour it is?

I think green is appropriate. It reminds us to thriving plants and crops. It does not bring the glory only to human but also triumphant of Mother Nature when the cultivation runs on the principles of sustainability. Everyone is happy, are not they?

The kids, their beauty, their laughter, and everything, what is it?

Yellow. It is yellowy fantastic, and energetically fun.

How do you perceive arts and cultures in colour?

I love brown for that. It gives the sense of maturity of human experiences in the line of civilization. It is rich, fruitful, and of thick mixture.

For the food is…

Aha, it is red. It has to be hot and tasty enough to fuel my day.

 The Universe and all the passion to reveal its mystery, what colour would you put on?

Umm, for that nothing but black that is suitable. There would always be unrevealed mystery exists. Moreover, it is the real colour our universe had in majority. Only a few area shaded by light, the rest lies on black and silence. Along with the passion in research, deep there we have such a “black energy” that is uncounted to find more, to reveal more. Aye, there is one black thing left that is in charge in this exploration: the coffee. Everything is highly probable to achieve with enough coffee.

When you are deeply drawn in your self, what colour is it?

It is bright white light. I am shivering of the brightness surrounding myself when I wrap my self all alone in silence. For there seems nothing left, but the superpower existence and the weak me. It comprises everything, every thought, every experience, every attachment; unite them in one composite light: bright white light.

Lastly, what is it for love?

Well, I do not know. In love, I am blind.


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