revisiting the past

It’s amazing when I revisited the past and found something new there. It wasn’t in the place when I was there once and back there again. It popped out once I reassert my feeling, my true feeling and force my self to seek out the mystery that was too bright and has blinded me.  I choose to interpret it this way. In this way I reconcile my mind and heart.  So interesting it needs a stranger-to-my-past to reveal it. I saw what was hidden before. It relieves me, though. Everything is clear now; the atmospheric depression that has darkened my days disappeared.

However, to extend the feeling and perception into the real world is superfluous, I think. This is the new face of memory I will keep to free my soul. As a friend ever tells, “I even never imagine I could have experienced this in my lifetime,” now, I say it either.  It is a wonderful gift He sent directly to my soul and I feel the warmth. Thanks God, whether it looks illusory, abstract, or imaginary, what I feel is real and it’s mine.


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