Home Alone

I used to be alone at home after graduating from school. Everybody else is busy with their business outside the house.
Truth is, I feel my best when I am at home, safe and sound. Being alone is not a problem, it benefits me several things:

1. I’m free to do my thinking out loud! Yeay! Without the fear of being heard and therefore no needs of making a sudden change on the tone, makebelieving that I was memorizing some dialogs from my scripts.

2. Interacting with another being is somehow tiring. I need some free days. Yes, we cannot live alone, but being apart for a while from any other human being is relieving. It’s feel like a fresh air. Just once in a while.

3. I can contemplate for hours–or days!– without anybody noticing, let alone interrupting.

4. I can sleep anywhere and wear anything. LOL. It’s freedom.

5. etc (end of thinking capacity)
I’m a lil bit overjoyed, I guess –‘


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