I dropped the idea of watching “Kill the messenger”in the last minute; ending up watching two mystical themed movies: one from Marvel Studios and the other was Shinkai’s. Well, however there’re many of unknown  things we assumed that we acknowledged of. I realized that, yes, I depended too much on my own assumptions and stubbornness; gotta surrender and walk with the flow to be able to use it’s strength as it was my own. A supreme paradox! Feels like my eyes were just widely opened. Lots of things left to say and I have just lost my words. I just knew why at last we can feel relieved. This phase, as this year, and anything before it, shall pass too. “Atarashi asa” would surely come. Bringing us new faith and courage; wisdom too, I hope. Hanging on there, Bro. Ganbarimasu! We’ll find our own happiness.


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