love, in it’s sad part, to me it always appears;
never once it come without tears

love pops out of the window till when I reach the windowsill, it dissapears

love, what an abundant entity in me; spills anywhere around; heavier than I can bear

love, the very reason I spend nights crying under my blanket, with no comfort comes near

love, how can anyone tell me it’s the sweetest thing ever flourish; they swear

love, nothing but a misery with an additional ‘t’ within, the thing I fear.


Musim Air Mata

Luka bersemi di balik guguran tawa. Awalnya ia hanya sebenih duka. Sayang ia hadir saat musim air mata.

Musim air mata yang baru… Seharusnya ia hanya lalu, menyapu lesu yang tak terhanyut waktu. Tapi, tersapa sebenih duka itu. Mereka tak seharusnya bertemu.

Luka ini… Kau tahu, berbuah pedih. Pada musim air mata, benih duka tumbuh menjadi luka, berbuah pedih.

Sakitkah? Pedih, semakin tajam, memerih, dalam buaian musim air mata.

Aku ingin tak pernah jumpa dengan…,
tak pernah menghabiskan waktu dalam…,
tak pernah kenal akan…,
Musim Air Mata.


This is a lyric from Secret Garden, the one I love so much.

Lonely swan in the silver lake
You are drifting alone
Oh you know how a heart can break
When love has flown
When to some distance ocean crossed
Some mysterious sea,
Though a lover be ever lost
Love can not be
Silver swan by the shore
Lift your wings up and fly
Will you wait evermore
Let life pass you by?
You belong to the sun
You belong to the sky,
You have more than one song
To sing before you die
To the edge of the moon you’ll go
I would fly there with you
Where the tides of heaven flow,
Above the blue,
You are destined for higher ground
Not to linger with me
To the earth i am ever bound, eternally
We belong to the sun
We belong to the sky,
We have more than one song
To sing before we die

here it is the video