Filsafat Sosial

Hari ini kita menjalani kehidupan yang mungkin tak pernah dibayangkan leluhur kita ratusan atau ribuan tahun lalu. Perubahan lahir dan niscaya mengikuti setiap langkah peradaban manusia. Hadir beberapa saat ketika manusia merasa ada yang perlu berganti dari cara-cara atau proses yang sudah biasa berjalan. Hal itu juga terjadi dalam struktur sosial. Kita saksikan bahwa partai politik atau gerakan masyarakat manapun senantiasa membawa ‘agenda perubahan’. Terlepas dari kesungguhan mereka dalam merumuskan perubahan ke arah lebih baik atau semata ingin bergantian menjadi rezim. Terkadang perubahan dimaknai sebagai perkembangan ‘maju ke depan’ dari praktik yang lazim. Bisa juga ingin mengembalikan ‘kejayaan sebelum terjadi kemerosotan’.
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Terres des Homes

Badai, kabut, salju terkadang akan membuatmu jengkel. Waktu itu, kau harus ingat pada semua orang yang telah mengalami yang serupa juga sebelum kau, dan harus berkata pada diri sendiri: APA YANG TELAH DIATASI ORANG LAIN, KAUPUN HARUS SELALU DAPAT MENGATASINYA.


Dalam bukunya ini, Saint Exupèry menceritakan kehidupan dalam pekerjaan yang senantiasa membawanya ‘jauh dari rumah’. Keterasingan yang ia rasakan bukan semata keberjarakan dari ranjang yang nyaman, kursi duduk atau cangkir kopi dari dapur sendiri, tapi terbentang lebih jauh dari itu: berjarak dari hamparan tanah itu sendiri.

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In the calm night, concealed are the dreams

سكن الليل، و في السكون تختبي الأحلام

(جبران خليل جبران)

What’s the odd? You might ask. I spent day by day sewing, reading, cooking, playing with kids (yeah, I don’t have any of my own, but my friends are so kind to let me play with theirs occasionally). In the night I would dream. Specifically, dreams about physics. I don’t know when does it start, but at least 80% of my dreams were taking places in campus, lecture halls, simply..classes, library. Sometimes I attend lectures, some seminars, or just doing some calculation in the lab (Yes that lab, the one which you can see the Einstein picture in the wall opposite to the entry). In the other time I presented my works, sometimes I discussed a few things or just strolling between the book aisles.

Today, I went to a strange place, looks like a very big lecture hall, and it’s interestingly elegant, somehow old but neat and clean, and…fresh. Crowded by students (I would say we’re on our teens so I bet the story happen in my high school years. But even so, it was not any close to my then high school. The place, the surrounding, the ambience are all different),  it closely resemblance the Hogwarts hall, perhaps, but brighter, much more bright. The hopeful air of youth, of fear of nothing, of worry less, of promising bright future, and the delicacy of knowledge filled up the space. 

The chattering students, suddenly silenced as the professor came to the podium and started speaking. Then I watched, I listened. I decided not to go anywhere. I froze the time; the moment eternalized.

That just one of the amusing stories I saw every night. That might be the voice of my subconscious; my longing for an academic career. What kind of dreams are they? What are they portraying? Could it be a flashback or flashforward, or the present, things that are now happening in my inner self? 

Something never really goes after you walked away, because you’ve never intended to leave it. Those who don’t understand would comment you took the wrong major in college. They don’t understand complexity does occur. Things are not going linear everytime. It has something to do with one or more wrong decisions, or simply a misfortune. 

Berakhir Pekan dengan Daluang di Pesona Jogja

Apa itu daluang?

Aku baru pertama kali mendengarnya saat mendapat informasi akan dilaksanakan workshop kriya membuat clutch dari daluang.  Pada poster tercantum bahwa acara diselenggarakan oleh Kriya Indonesia bekerjasama dengan Brother Indonesia. Adapun materinya disampaikan oleh Astri Damayanti (Kriya Indonesia), Tanti Amelia (Neng Doodle), serta seorang berkebangsaan Jepang Sakamoto Isamu dengan keterangan sebagai ahli daluang.

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Why Group Brainstorming Fails Often

​Psychologists usually offer three explanations for the failure of group brainstorming. 

  • The first is social loafing: in a group, some individuals tend to sit back and let others do the work. 
  • The second is production blocking: only one person can talk or produce an idea at once, while the other group members are forced to sit passively. 
  • The third is evaluation apprehension, meaning the fear of looking stupid in front of one’s peers.

Sensitive Chatters

​Back here at Walker Creek Ranch and the gathering for sensitive people, the Extrovert Ideal and its primacy of cool is turned upside down. If “cool” is low reactivity that predisposes a person to boldness or nonchalance, then the crowd that has come to meet Elaine Aron is deeply uncool.

The atmosphere is startling simply because it’s so unusual. It’s something you might find at a yoga class or in a Buddhist monastery, except that here there’s no unifying religion or worldview, only a shared temperament. It’s easy to see this when Aron delivers her speech. She has long observed that when she speaks to groups of highly sensitive people the room is more hushed and respectful than would be usual in a public gathering place, and this is true throughout her presentation. But it carries over all weekend.

I’ve never heard so many “after you’s” and “thank you’s” as I do here. During meals, which are held at long communal tables in a summer-camp style, open-air cafeteria, people plunge hungrily into searching conversations. There’s a lot of one-on-one discussion about intimate topics like childhood experiences and adult love lives, and social issues like health care and climate change; there’s not much in the way of storytelling intended to entertain. People listen carefully to each other and respond thoughtfully; Aron has noted that sensitive people tend to speak softly because that’s how they prefer others to communicate with them.

“In the rest of the world,” observes Michelle, a web designer who leans forward as if bracing herself against an imaginary blast of wind, “you make a statement and people may or may not discuss it. Here you make a statement and someone says, ‘What does that mean?’ And if you ask that question of someone else, they actually answer.”

It’s not that there’s no small talk, observes Strickland, the leader of the gathering. It’s that it comes not at the beginning of conversations but at the end. In most settings, people use small talk as a way of relaxing into a new relationship, and only once they’re comfortable do they connect more seriously. Sensitive people seem to do the reverse. They “enjoy small talk only after they’ve gone deep,” says Strickland. “When sensitive people are in environments that nurture their authenticity, they laugh and chitchat just as much as anyone else.”